Straight College Buddies Get Each Other Off

Two straight buddies jerk each off while watching a porno

Fraternity brothers Connor and Diego are watching a porno together in a extra room in the frat house when things start to stir below. Diego isn’t shy about his need to get off and takes his hard cock to jerk off. Connor is very nervous but decides he wants to get off too. Connor takes his semi hard uncut dick out and starts jacking off with his friend sitting next to him. Diego says that it would feel better if someone else was doing the stroking and reaches over to take Connor’s cock in his hand. Connor is surprised at his straight friends gesture but it does feel good having another guy stroke his dick so he leans over a bit to grab hold of Diego’s rock hard cock. They continue watching their porn and both straight guys get off with a little help from their friend at Straight Fraternity.

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