Can’t Get Enough of Steven Prior

Steven Prior feeds Chad his 10 inch uncut cock

18 year old Chad may not have much experience with huge cocks like Steven Prior’s but he sure does give it a good go and makes it look fun. We’ve recently seen another guy take every inch down his throat and man that was a feat. Look at poor Chad and you’ll see that even with his mouth open as far as it will go, Steven’s huge cock barely fits. About 3-4 inches goes in before Chad is full and with a dick as big as Steven’s that isn’t much more than the head. Chad is too damn cute and loves trying to please Steven (I know I would too) orally to put him down. Besides, what he laks in oral ability his smooth tight ass makes up for. Chad is belly down as Steven slides his monster cock up the smooth British boys ass. Steven knows it is big and goes in nice and slow to allow Chad the chance to relax and dilate before his fills his behind with his complete tool.

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