Isaac Hamilton Fucks Blake Thomas

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Blake Thomas is recently out of a relationship with his crazy ass girlfriend and wants to make some money doing porn. He isn’t embarrassed at all by his pale skin or farmers tan as he strips naked. Looking at his mostly smooth chest with a little tuft of hair around his nipples I thought he’d be pretty smooth but watch out for the overgrown bush when he drops his pants. Blake’s cock looks small in all that hair, that is until he starts playing with it and it grows to a very nice size with a slight curve even. Blake’s cock is standing at full attention and ready to fuck when he is told that there will not be any girls at his porn shoot. To compensate him, they offer Blake double the money if he will have sex with his tattooed gay boy partner, Isaac Hamilton. You know that once a guy is that horny and hard he’ll just about anything and boy does Blake put on a good show. Isaac sucks Blake’s hard cock and then shoves his dick up the straight guys ass. Blake doesn’t like being fucked but the cock up his ass sure leads to one his best ever cumshots.

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