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Terry Jack Off Video

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Terry is a 24 year old straight guy that loves to show off his stuff. He talks about his favorite sex positions as he strokes his rock hard cock then humps the bed giving us an up close view of his sweet ass. He isn’t shy when it comes time to cum either. There’s plenty of guys that would love to get this blond hottie off again I’m sure.

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Joel Jerks His Long Cock

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Joel is a favorite at Active Duty. For a straight guy he has no trouble getting hard when anyone touches his cock. Joel knew he loved getting head at age 13 and to this day still loves the feeling of a wet mouth around his bigger than average cock. In this video Joel gives us a long, up close look at the piece of meat he is known for. Dink gets some great camera angles that show off every hard inch of his shaved cock, balls, and ass.


Bryce Jones Fucks David Hitch

Bryce Jones is a 20 year old straight boy while David Hitch is a 21 year old gay guy. They are doing their first porn video today, jerking off with each other. When the producer says he wants them to do more than jack off Bryce is upset but needs the extra cash that is offered so…

David sucks the straight guys dick then turns his hairy ass over for a good hard fucking. David and Bryce both shoot their creamy loads onto his hairy chest.

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Straight Men Play Gay Chicken


Leon and Dax play a game of gay chicken at the Straight Fraternity. The men kiss each other on the lips, suck dick, and jerk each other off so who wins? You do when you download the full video and watch full screen for the most enjoyment.


Gay Blond Fucks Curious Straight Boy

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Gabe Lawson is the blond gay boy that is ready to have sex with his supposedly unsuspecting straight porn partner Jason St. James. The guys talk and get naked with each other to jack off together on the sofa. They show each other and us their smooth bodies and hard cocks then Gabe goes down to suck on Jason’s dick. Jason doesn’t mind the gay blowjob at all. When it comes his turn to swallow the cock he puts up only a very little argument. He told them he is straight but watching him suck Gabe’s 7.5 inch dick; he’s done this before. Oh well… he is still cute and fun to watch; especially when Gabe slaps him on the ass and tells him to sit on his cock. Jason takes a ride on Gabe’s big sex pole then lays down on the sofa for a proper fucking. Jason’s cock stays hard as Gabe pounds his ass and he cums quickly when he starts jerking to shoot a nice load of cum all the way up his hairless chest. Straight my ass; but fun to watch for sure!

Bull Jacks Off

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Bull is a straight college jock with a shaved head and shaved cock. His tan ripped body looks like this guy spends some serious time outside and working out. He gets off to a slow start in the interview but gets a lot more excited when things turn to sex. Bull strips down to his underwear and rubs his dick till he has a nice chubby before letting it all hang out for everyone to see. There is something special about this scene that feel lovers are going to go gaga for too. The camera man spent a lot of time at the foot of the bed and included a view of Bull’s foot in the shot as he strokes his hard cock.

Colt Fucks Brandon Anderson

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Sexy straight boy Colt is back for more dick sucking and ass fucking. This time he is paired up with 20 year old bi boy Brandon Anderson. Brandon doesn’t have much experience being bottom but is happy to try with Colt. Brandon starts things off by sucking on Colt’s cock then turns onto his stomach for Colt to penetrate him from behind. Colt’s thick 7.5 inch cock it too much for the inexperienced bottom at first but Brandon adjusts soon enough as Colt picks up the pace slamming Brandon’s ass. Colt fucks Brandon from at least three positions before pulling out to spray his jizz across Brandon’s ass and lower back. Colt’s cum looks great on the dark skin of Brandon and both amateur southern boys look satisfied when it’s done.

Isaac Hamilton Fucks Blake Thomas

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Blake Thomas is recently out of a relationship with his crazy ass girlfriend and wants to make some money doing porn. He isn’t embarrassed at all by his pale skin or farmers tan as he strips naked. Looking at his mostly smooth chest with a little tuft of hair around his nipples I thought he’d be pretty smooth but watch out for the overgrown bush when he drops his pants. Blake’s cock looks small in all that hair, that is until he starts playing with it and it grows to a very nice size with a slight curve even. Blake’s cock is standing at full attention and ready to fuck when he is told that there will not be any girls at his porn shoot. To compensate him, they offer Blake double the money if he will have sex with his tattooed gay boy partner, Isaac Hamilton. You know that once a guy is that horny and hard he’ll just about anything and boy does Blake put on a good show. Isaac sucks Blake’s hard cock and then shoves his dick up the straight guys ass. Blake doesn’t like being fucked but the cock up his ass sure leads to one his best ever cumshots.

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Brice Jacks & Eats His Own Cum

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Brice is comfortable in front of the camera for a first time amateur. Guess it’s from being around all those naked guys when he was on the high school swimming team or maybe the times he has jerked off with his friends. Either way, Brice is cute and friendly enough during his interview and really gets into it as he starts jerking off. He pumps hard and gets a little sweaty then turns flush and moans loudly as he sprays his load across his smooth tanned torso. Brice looks satisfied enough when he’s done and doesn’t miss a beat when the producer asks him to taste his own spunk.

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Augustus Fingers His Ass & Jerks

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Augustus admits that he had a good time and told his friends about his first porn appearance. Within hours everyone knew what he had done and wanted to know when he was going to do another one. Well… when the fans speak Augustus listens. This time around the straight muscular jock sets out to impress us even more with some deep finger action to go along with his intense jacking of his hard 8 inch cock. He gives us a good close look at his hairy hole as his lubed fingers go in. He moans and squirms in pleasure as one then two fingers go deep. The finger fucking must have helped because he shoots a very nice load across his sweaty abs.

Wade Cums Back For Blowjob

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Wade is a 20 year old marine that did a jack off video that led to a handjob at Spunk Worthy a few weeks ago. He didn’t mind getting stroked by a man and doesn’t care who gets him off as long as it feels good. Now Wade is ready for even more pleasure and is excited to get his first gay blowjob. As Wade lowers his pants we see his bushy red pubes and semi hard dick that is growing by the second. It only takes a few licks from Jason before Wade is totally hard and face fucking his male cocksucker.

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Rocco Penetrates Zach’s Virgin Butt

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Rocco is hooked up with Zach in this scene at Broke Straight Boys. You can see that Zach is impressed with Rocco’s big dick as the straight boys sit next to each other jerking off. When it comes time to move on Zach says that there is no way he can Rocco. He sucks Rocco’s dick but no matter how hard he tries can’t get the full length in. If Zach can’t suck the big dick there’s no way he can get fucked by it. That’s okay though, Rocco will loosen the straight boy’s hole with a long dildo and lots of lube before sliding his his own meat pole up Zach’s virgin ass.

Jase Fucks Ashton

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Ashton is very in touch with himself and knows what he likes… cock up his ass. Even though he’s straight, Ashton says it feels good. If they could make a dildo that was soft like a dick, he’d use it. Instead, he has sex with men and lets his girl friend fuck him with a strap on. Today it is Jase that will be providing Ashton with his anal pleasure. The guys chat a bit before stripping naked and sucking each other dick then Jase gives Ashton exactly what he wants. Both must like the feeling of each other because they each shoot a healthy load in the end.

Caleb Gets Blown @ Straight Fraternity

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Straight body builder Caleb is at the fraternity house showing off his bulked up body to the new pledge master. Caleb strips down to his underwear and does some classic body building poses to display his ripped shoulders, back, and legs. When his lowers his briefs, his uncut dick is already semi hard. The pledge master reaches out for a feel and gives Caleb’s cock a few jerks to get it fully erect. Caleb continues showing off naked and hard for a bit then lays back for a gay blow job.

Skyler Lane & Fernando Suck and Fuck

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The guys at Southern Strokes have brought two of their newer models together for a hot flip flop suck & fuck session that is sure to leave members asking to see more of Skyler Lane and Fernando.The amateur men can’t decide who wants to bottom more so decide that they will both bottom and get started undressing each other. Skyler sucks on Fernando’s 7.5 inch uncut cock then thrusts his own 8 inch dick deep down Fernando’s throat. After the guys finish getting each other good and hard with the cock sucking they fucking begins. Fernando is already in position between Skyler’s legs and his dick deep into Skyler’s ass before climbing on top to take Skyler’s cock up his own butt. Fernando looks in absolute bliss as he rides Skyler’s sex pole. The ending is as fun to watch as the action with Fernando spraying his load onto his ripped abs while Skyler pumps his ass and Skyler jerking his jizz into Fernando’s open mouth.