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Roy Shoots Twice

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Straight boy Roy is a professional trainer. He has a lean but not overly muscular body with only a little hair on his chest but sports a full beard. He also sports an impressive cock! Roy is very nervous doing his first naked video performance let alone with another guy in the room. Once he relaxes a little and starts stroking, his dick gets long and hard with a slight curve. Roy jacks his 7 inch dick and shoots his jizz then talks to us a bit while remaining naked on the bed. He is convinced to let the frat house owner touch his dick. Like most 22 year olds with someone grabbing their cock, Roy is hard again in no time. This time it is the owner’s hand job that gets him off. Amazingly, his second cumshot is even bigger than the first.

Uncut Cali Boy Jacks Off

Naked California Boy with hard uncut cock

It is because of guys like Lance Howard that southern California has been known for its openness awesome looking men. His openness because he freely admits that he likes both guys & girls and also loves to show off his naked body and big uncut dick. The awesome looking part… well, look at him. Lance has a ruggedly handsome face with short spiked hair and a gruff 5 o’clock stubble that would feel great scraping across your thighs. When Lance is with men he prefers to bottom and gives us a nice close up view of his hairy hole and muscular ass. Lance jerks his uncut dick and shoots a big load in this video but I don’t think it will be long before we see him back doing more with some of the other California amateurs at Buzz West.

Jake’s Jock Strap Leaves His Ass Open To Be Fucked

Jake D gets fucked while wearing a jock strap

There is absolutely no foreplay involved when these two horny British guys hook up. Lucas Knowles is naked and pushing Jake’s face to lick his body with in the first minute. Jake is wearing a white jock strap that shows off his sweet butt. Jake sucks Lucas’ 8 inch uncut cock for a bit then rims his hairy ass before bending over to take Lucas’ cock up his butt. Lucas pounds away at Jake’s as and Jake loves it as every inch slides up his ass. Jake is a power bottom for sure. Both guys shoot their English jizz onto Jake’s hairy chest making for quite a sticky mess. There’s lots of big uncut British dick at Hard Brit Lads.

Taylor Wade Jacks 8 Inch Cock

Taylor Wade - naked

Taylor Wade is a 19 year old English lad that knows how to have a good time and pleasure himself. He moves into the kitchen where he takes off his shirt to show us his completely hairless chest and drops his pants before hoping onto the counter. He rubs his cock through his briefs until it’s good and hard then takes the monster out. For such a skinny guy, Taylor has a big thick cock. His dick is already oozing precum as he starts using both hands to massage the long 8 inch shaft. He continues to jack his impressive tool until he shoots his cum onto his smooth belly.

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Bo Matthews Sits On Luke Haas 9 Inch Cock

Bo Matthews and Luke Haas naked

After sucking Luke Haas 9 inch cock, Bo Matthews gets into position to sit on Luke’s rock hard cock. Bo slides down on the tool and moans with extreme pleasure as he takes in every inch. Luke continues to screw the crimson haired bottom until another big dicked stud, Antonio Biaggi, shows up to finish the job with his huge 11 inch uncut cock. After seeing this video you will know one thing is sure… Bo Matthews loves the cock and the bigger the better.

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Alexander Garrett Rides Matthew Star

Alexander Garrett rides Matthew Star's big cock

83% of private massages lead to sex; even if it is a straight guy like Matthew Star getting rubbed down by a gay friend like Alexander Garrett. As Alexander starts rubbing Matthew, Matt’s dick starts getting hard. With such a nice cock getting hard in front of your eyes it is almost impossible not to touch it, suck it, or ride it. Alexander does all three. He starts rubbing Matthew as his own extra big dick starts to rise. Alexander takes every hard inch of the straight boys cock in his mouth then sits on it to take every inch up his butt. The action between these two is 100% hot even if 78.3% of statistics are made up.

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Jeremiah Feeds Himself

Jeremiah Johnson - self sucking

Self sucking skater dude, Jeremiah Johnson, fold himself in half to suck his own dick. He’s done it before a bunch of times but this is one of my favorites. Jeremiah takes about 1/3 the length of his big dick into his mouth and licks the head as he jerks off. Finally he shoots his jizz onto his own face. Jeremiah loves the cock and the streams of jizz that flow from them. You can see more of Jeremiah getting facials, self sucking, and eating cum at Jizz Addiction.

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Parker Perry and Rod Daily

Rod Daily and Parker Perry have two really big dicks

Both Parker Perry and Rod Daily have an extra big dick. The guys take turns sucking each other until both are fully hard then they get into a 69 position. Parker gets so horny that he begs Rod to slam all 9 thick inches into him. Rod slams every inch into Parker’s ass and fucks him every way from Sunday before pulling out to spew jizz all over Parker’s face.

Jason O’Connor Fucks Fraser Jacs

Jason O'Connor fucks Fraser Jacs with his 8 inch cock

Jason O’Connor and Fraser Jacs have a grand time sucking on each others hard uncut cock. Fraser takes Jason’s 8 inch dick into more than just his mouth. Jason puts on a condom and slowly pushes the entire length of his hard cock up Fraser’s ass. Fraser moans with pleasure as it moves in. Slowly at first then picking speed and intensity, Jason commences to pound the hell out of Fraser from a few positions then shoots his cum across Fraser’s face and pushes his jizz covered cock back into his mouth. Visit Hard Brit Lads today and watch the full video for the cumshots.

Ashton Gets Facial from Justin

Ashton Hardwell's face is half covered with Justin Lebeau's cum

Ashton Hardwell promises a few things at the beginning of his video with Justin Lebeau. First, because Justin is straight, he’s going to go slow and make sure that Justin comfortable. Second, he is going to take in every inch of Justin’s hard uncut cock. Third, he is going to suck Just until he cums and he’s going to take Justin’s jizz on his face. True to his word, Ashton takes it nice and slow, from stripping Justin naked all the way to the point where Justin busts his nut across Ashton’s face.

Michael Jacks and Squirtz

Michael jerked off for us for the first time on camera about a year ago when he was only 20. He has been a busy guy the past year looking for the perfect man with the perfect cock to fuck him. He tells us all about his sexual preference to bottom as he gets naked and starts jacking his 8 inch cut cock. Michael is one of the rare Canadian men at Squirtz that has a cut dick but he is just as cute and as much fun to watch. We get a nice “up close” look at his shaved cock, semi hairy ass, and cute face as he jacks off and shoots a big load of cum onto his hairless chest and stomach.

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Straight Redhead Gets Gay Head

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When red haired straight guy finds out that they want him to do a sex video with another guy he says that isn’t his bag of chips and gets up to leave. There is no way that the guys at Bait Buddies are letting him go, especially after previewing his 9.5 inch cock! Once he agrees to stay for a lot more money, Noah moves in to suck the straight guys oversized cock. Beau returns the favor sucking on Noah’s dick for a brief time then gets the ride of his life. Noah lubes up and takes all 9 inches of Beau’s dick up his ass. Beau fucks his gay costar until both guys shoot cum across Noah’s smooth stomach.

Jay Jerks Off

Jay shoots cum across his smooth chest

Tall, cute, and cut are three words that describe 21 year old amateur southern boy Jay. At 6’4″ tall and 175 pounds he has a long lean body that he keeps in shape playing soccer and swimming. His body isn’t the only long part of him. His 7 inch cock is pretty impressive too. Jay jacks his big dick outside on the patio as he lays back in the shade from a nearby tree. The lighting in this video may be different but the cute look and awesome cumshot that Jay provides makes this a jack off video that you won’t want to miss out on. You can watch Jay shoot his huge load at Southern Strokes now.

Javier Ramirez Fucks Luke Milan

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Straight Latino porn star wanna be Javier Ramirez is already naked and jerking off with his big dicked costar Luke Milan when the producer tells the guys that none of the girls they were expecting showed up. Luke already knew no girls was coming; he is a gay guy in on the ruse. Javier is upset and ready to leave when they offer to double his pay if he will stay and play with Luke. Plenty of dick sucking and ass fucking comes soon after with both guys shooting their cum loads onto Luke’s chest. You can see it all in full screen video now at Bait Buddies.

Haigan Fucks Tanner

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Haigan and Tanner are two of the Texas guys that have done jack off videos for Southern Strokes – Amateur Southern Men. Both guys did so well in their solo vids that they were invited back to perform with a partner. Haigan identifies as straight and said straight away that he wouldn’t let another guy put their dick up his ass. Aside from that, he was open to getting off with a dude so, 21 year old Haigan hooks up with 18 year old Tanner for a poolside fuck session. For a little guy, Tanner takes in Haigan’s fat 9 inch cock well. Haigan slams his big dick in hard and fast in a few positions before he shoots his jizz across Tanners dark ripped abs. You can see each guys jack off video and this hardcore gay fucking scene at Southern Strokes where the air is hot and wet.