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Twink’s Shower Time Fun

Hairless twink plays with a sex toy in the shower

Seeing Jerome lather up his smooth body and uncut cock in the shower is pretty hot. The action gets even better when he takes his soapy hands to his hairy butt and spreads his cheeks. After cleaning his hole with his finger, he takes out a long blue dildo and slides it in. He must love the anal stimulation because his dick gets harder the more the toy goes in and out of his tight twink ass.

Ryan Conners Smokes & Jerks

Tattooed twink blows out smoke while jacking off

As if this tattooed twink wasn’t hot enough sitting on the deck in his black briefs, enjoying a box of menthol cigarettes… He lights up another to take a hit and his hands move to his other pleasure center, a big 9 inch cock. Ryan takes out his big twink dick and strokes away as he chain smokes, lighting one after another at Boys Smoking.

Uncut Cali Boy Jacks Off

Naked California Boy with hard uncut cock

It is because of guys like Lance Howard that southern California has been known for its openness awesome looking men. His openness because he freely admits that he likes both guys & girls and also loves to show off his naked body and big uncut dick. The awesome looking part… well, look at him. Lance has a ruggedly handsome face with short spiked hair and a gruff 5 o’clock stubble that would feel great scraping across your thighs. When Lance is with men he prefers to bottom and gives us a nice close up view of his hairy hole and muscular ass. Lance jerks his uncut dick and shoots a big load in this video but I don’t think it will be long before we see him back doing more with some of the other California amateurs at Buzz West.

Taylor Wade Jacks 8 Inch Cock

Taylor Wade - naked

Taylor Wade is a 19 year old English lad that knows how to have a good time and pleasure himself. He moves into the kitchen where he takes off his shirt to show us his completely hairless chest and drops his pants before hoping onto the counter. He rubs his cock through his briefs until it’s good and hard then takes the monster out. For such a skinny guy, Taylor has a big thick cock. His dick is already oozing precum as he starts using both hands to massage the long 8 inch shaft. He continues to jack his impressive tool until he shoots his cum onto his smooth belly.

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Oscar Jacks Off

Naked red haired college jock

Oscar strips off his shirt and does some push ups to demonstrate hos he keeps his body looking so good. He doesn’t have a lot of time to hit the gym so he does core training at home or when he is on the road. It must work because he has a set of 6 pack abs that a lot of guys would kill for. His long uncut dick has plenty of foreskin that drives men crazy too. Oscar plays with his foreskin and strokes his big cock until he shoots a 3 day load for our enjoyment at Sean Cody.

Hairy Dude’s Self Pleasure

Hairy guy with tennis shoes and a dildo up his ass

Hairy inked dude Alessio Romero lifts his fur covered legs in the air to insert a big black dildo to his ass while he strokes his hard cock at Man Avenue.

Jeremiah Feeds Himself

Jeremiah Johnson - self sucking

Self sucking skater dude, Jeremiah Johnson, fold himself in half to suck his own dick. He’s done it before a bunch of times but this is one of my favorites. Jeremiah takes about 1/3 the length of his big dick into his mouth and licks the head as he jerks off. Finally he shoots his jizz onto his own face. Jeremiah loves the cock and the streams of jizz that flow from them. You can see more of Jeremiah getting facials, self sucking, and eating cum at Jizz Addiction.

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Double View of Naked Army Stud

Boston - naked on the bed

Boston is the latest Army stud to get naked and get off for our enjoyment at Active Duty. He does a very sexy strip in front of a mirror so that we can see every bit of his lean mean killing machine body. Boston has a smooth chest with defined pecs and ripped shoulders and lats. A light brown treasure trail leads from his belly down to his hard veiny cock. As he kneels on the bed stroking his dick we also get a view of his very muscular ass in the mirror.

Red Haired Cajun Cums

Red haired amateur jacks off

Neil is a 22 year old red haired southern boy that was serving food at a freeway cafe when he was approached by the owners of Southern Strokes. They loved his cute look, Louisiana accent, and friendly personality. When he asked the guys where they were going they frankly tell him to film guys for a gay porn site. Neil got the address and showed up ready to go. He has no trouble getting naked and proving that the drapes match the curtains but takes a little time getting hard. The explosive cum shot Neil produces is worth the wait and his white creamy jizz looks great resting on his bright red bush. See the full video and incredible cum shot now at Southern Strokes where the air is hot and wet.

Jase Bionx Smokes & Jacks

lean redhead smoking on the steps as he jacks off

Jase enjoys his two favorite things while relaxing on the stairs outside his apartment. He leans back on the steps and lights up a cigarette to enjoy the nicotine rush and calming effect. His rosy cheeks and dark red hair look great through the gray mist when he exhales. After finishing his first, he lights another then starts his other favorite pleasure. Jase undoes his pants and starts to rub his cock. Jase jacks off as he enjoys another smoke. You can watch Jase and other guys get off while smoking at Boys Smoking.

Straight Boy Jacks for Cash

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22 year old straight boy David Taylor needed money and his wife thought it would be hot watching her husband get blown by a guy so he answered an ad at Broke Straight Boys. His wife may be disappointed that David doesn’t have sex with another guy (yet). Instead, he strips naked and jacks off for us like many first time gay porn amateurs do. At one point the BSB owner reaches out to help stroke his hard cock. David obviously liked it because within 60 seconds of the helping hand job, he shoots his wad of cum through the air and all over his leg and belly.

Michael Jacks and Squirtz

Michael jerked off for us for the first time on camera about a year ago when he was only 20. He has been a busy guy the past year looking for the perfect man with the perfect cock to fuck him. He tells us all about his sexual preference to bottom as he gets naked and starts jacking his 8 inch cut cock. Michael is one of the rare Canadian men at Squirtz that has a cut dick but he is just as cute and as much fun to watch. We get a nice “up close” look at his shaved cock, semi hairy ass, and cute face as he jacks off and shoots a big load of cum onto his hairless chest and stomach.

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Twink’s Hot Tub Jack Off

Naked twink with a hard on in the hot tub

18 year old twink Tobi Kidd strips naked in the hot tub to jerk off. He splashes the warm water across his hairless chest and furry stomach and rubs his lean body as he strokes his rock hard cock. Tobi gives a great performance showing us how flexible he is and what a big load of cum he can shoot. You can see more pictures of Tobi self sucking and watch him explode cum in his jerk off video at Citiboyz.

Jay Jerks Off

Jay shoots cum across his smooth chest

Tall, cute, and cut are three words that describe 21 year old amateur southern boy Jay. At 6’4″ tall and 175 pounds he has a long lean body that he keeps in shape playing soccer and swimming. His body isn’t the only long part of him. His 7 inch cock is pretty impressive too. Jay jacks his big dick outside on the patio as he lays back in the shade from a nearby tree. The lighting in this video may be different but the cute look and awesome cumshot that Jay provides makes this a jack off video that you won’t want to miss out on. You can watch Jay shoot his huge load at Southern Strokes now.

Jacob Junior Jerks and Squirtz

Jacob Junior shows off his big 8.5 inch uncut cock as he jacks off and shoots his load at Squirtz. At only 18 years old this French Canadian boy is very open about his sexual likes and desires. He talks about his sex life and the troubles that his over sized cock causes with inexperienced partners as he strips naked and shows off his lean tattooed body. His dick doesn’t look too big while it is soft but it does have a lot of foreskin that hangs from the end. With a few strokes his penis is fully erect and definitely BIG. What is with these tall skinny guys and their really big dicks? Jacob uses a number of stroking methods on his throbbing cock before the heavy pumping action and explosive cum shot.

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