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Price Gets Double Stuffed With Straight Boy Cock

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Kyle and Price are back at Broke Straight Boys but this time David joins in the cock sucking and ass fucking fun. Price gets the once over by these two horny straight boys. They start by sucking each other until all three are good and hard then Price gets on his knees and takes turns sucking Kyle and David’s dick. Price continues to suck David’s cock as Kyle fucks his ass. Price gets fucked by David next and jerks out his own load in the end.

Parker Perry Blows Girth Brooks

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Parker Perry is helping to set up for a pool party when he notices the hunky bartender Girth Brooks. Parker and Caruso talk to the straight guy about doing a porn video then ask to see his cock. He takes out his dick and strokes it until it is full hard. Girth has a thick 9 inch cock that impresses the hell out of Parker. Parker gets down to suck the bartender’s big cock then puts a condom on him to ride it for a bit.  Parker jerks his jizz onto his hairy chest then kneels in front of Girth to accept his load as well. In the end, Girth admits that he just had the best blowjob of his life.

Teo Rims Kristopher

Straight jock gets rimjob

Teo is going to service amateur straight boy Kristopher and boy does he ever. After sucking on Kristopher’s cock a bit and even a little 69 action back, Teo gets behind Kris to rim his awesome ass. Kris looks amazing in any position but I personally love his ass when he is on his hands and knees. Teo gives his hole a good tonguing then moves back to his cock where he swallows the straight boys cum.

Travis Discovers FleshJack

California surfer boy puts a fleshjack on his cock

The owner of Spunkworthy discovered Travis while roaming the California beach near his apartment. Travis was a little surprised when asked if he may want to get paid to jerk off on camera but said yes and and scheduled a day to come by. He was nervous about the whole experience and having trouble getting hard in front of a stranger. He seen the FleshJack sitting nearby and asked if he could try it out. The male masturbation sleeve must have felt good because he dick got instantly hard as he slid it into the sleeve. Travis continues to use the device right up to the point where he cums.

Roy Shoots Twice

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Straight boy Roy is a professional trainer. He has a lean but not overly muscular body with only a little hair on his chest but sports a full beard. He also sports an impressive cock! Roy is very nervous doing his first naked video performance let alone with another guy in the room. Once he relaxes a little and starts stroking, his dick gets long and hard with a slight curve. Roy jacks his 7 inch dick and shoots his jizz then talks to us a bit while remaining naked on the bed. He is convinced to let the frat house owner touch his dick. Like most 22 year olds with someone grabbing their cock, Roy is hard again in no time. This time it is the owner’s hand job that gets him off. Amazingly, his second cumshot is even bigger than the first.

Double View of Naked Army Stud

Boston - naked on the bed

Boston is the latest Army stud to get naked and get off for our enjoyment at Active Duty. He does a very sexy strip in front of a mirror so that we can see every bit of his lean mean killing machine body. Boston has a smooth chest with defined pecs and ripped shoulders and lats. A light brown treasure trail leads from his belly down to his hard veiny cock. As he kneels on the bed stroking his dick we also get a view of his very muscular ass in the mirror.

Straight Boy Jacks for Cash

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22 year old straight boy David Taylor needed money and his wife thought it would be hot watching her husband get blown by a guy so he answered an ad at Broke Straight Boys. His wife may be disappointed that David doesn’t have sex with another guy (yet). Instead, he strips naked and jacks off for us like many first time gay porn amateurs do. At one point the BSB owner reaches out to help stroke his hard cock. David obviously liked it because within 60 seconds of the helping hand job, he shoots his wad of cum through the air and all over his leg and belly.

Straight Redhead Gets Gay Head

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When red haired straight guy finds out that they want him to do a sex video with another guy he says that isn’t his bag of chips and gets up to leave. There is no way that the guys at Bait Buddies are letting him go, especially after previewing his 9.5 inch cock! Once he agrees to stay for a lot more money, Noah moves in to suck the straight guys oversized cock. Beau returns the favor sucking on Noah’s dick for a brief time then gets the ride of his life. Noah lubes up and takes all 9 inches of Beau’s dick up his ass. Beau fucks his gay costar until both guys shoot cum across Noah’s smooth stomach.

Uncut Amateurs 69

Corey is on top of Kyle as they suck each other in 69

Two popular Spunkworthy models are back together for an amateur oral extravaganza. It is no coincidence that both are uncut, the owner thought it would be cool for two all American boys with uncut dicks to get it on. Corey is the shy, straight, smooth bodied San Diego college jock and Kyle is the hairy chested mountain man visiting from the Pacific northwest. The guys take turns sucking each other until they are both hard then they move into a 69 position so they can suck each other off at the same time. Corey can barely handle Kyle’s big dick moving in and out of his mouth to the back of his throat.

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Javier Ramirez Fucks Luke Milan

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Straight Latino porn star wanna be Javier Ramirez is already naked and jerking off with his big dicked costar Luke Milan when the producer tells the guys that none of the girls they were expecting showed up. Luke already knew no girls was coming; he is a gay guy in on the ruse. Javier is upset and ready to leave when they offer to double his pay if he will stay and play with Luke. Plenty of dick sucking and ass fucking comes soon after with both guys shooting their cum loads onto Luke’s chest. You can see it all in full screen video now at Bait Buddies.

Straight Frat Pledge Blows Diego’s Dick

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Derrick hasn’t been performing up to Diego’s standards and something needs to be done. Diego expresses his disappointment to Derrick then tells the Straight Frat pledge to suck his cock. Derrick has to make a decision right there how bad he wants in the house. He gets down in front of Diego and takes the man’s uncut dick into his mouth and starts sucking. The men both get undressed and move to the bed laying naked to each other. Derrick continues to jerk off Diego until he shoots his load. Another frat house brother enters to finish off Derick with a hand job of his own. Derrick shots an impressive load that splashes a trail from his chest down across his smooth abdomen. You can watch this video and plenty more like it now at Straight Fraternity.

Jacob Junior Jerks and Squirtz

Jacob Junior shows off his big 8.5 inch uncut cock as he jacks off and shoots his load at Squirtz. At only 18 years old this French Canadian boy is very open about his sexual likes and desires. He talks about his sex life and the troubles that his over sized cock causes with inexperienced partners as he strips naked and shows off his lean tattooed body. His dick doesn’t look too big while it is soft but it does have a lot of foreskin that hangs from the end. With a few strokes his penis is fully erect and definitely BIG. What is with these tall skinny guys and their really big dicks? Jacob uses a number of stroking methods on his throbbing cock before the heavy pumping action and explosive cum shot.

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Adrian’s First Jack Off Video

Adrian is a 21 year old straight guy that needs cash to pay some legal fees. He found out that he could make some decent cash fast jacking off on camera at Broke Straight Boys. Adrian shows off his tats and pierced nipples before lowering his boxers to get to work on his cock. Adrian uses both hands to stroke his hard shaft and covers his entire dick from head to balls with a thin layer of lube. After he shoots his load onto his hairless belly the producer asks if he would like to come back someday to do another shoot. Adrian says yes. I can’t wait to see this straight boy with a cock in his mouth when he does.

Ian Jerks Off

Ian uses a Texas grip as he strokes his hard cock

Ian is a straight 20 year old college student from southern California. He is 6’4″ and stays in shape playing football on his schools team. Ian was a little shy about getting hard and playing with his dick in front of another dude but once he got going really put ion a great show. Ian strokes his dick and shows off his straight boy ass for the camera. Ian shoots a huge load that flies everywhere in his debut porn performance at Spunk Worthy.

Ben Blows Beau

Redhead cock sucker gives blow job to hairy NY straight man Beau

Redheaded cocksucker Ben is back showing straight NY City men how good a gay blow job can be. This time it is hairy chested Beau that receives so much pleasure that he moans for more. Ben starts with the stud in a standing position and deep throats his hard dick then licks up and down the shaft and spends some time on Beau’s hairy ball sack. Beau says his girlfriend has never licked his balls before and he loves it! Ben moves Beau over to the sofa where he lays back and lets the professional finish him off. Ben continues to suck his dick while playing with Beau’s balls and stroking his furry legs. Ben can sense that Beau is getting close and takes the straight man’s cock from his mouth and puts his hand around the hard saliva covered dick to finish him off. Beau spurts his cum out onto his hairy belly and looks extremely satisfied with his first gay blow job at NY Straight Men.