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Bryce Jones Fucks David Hitch

Bryce Jones is a 20 year old straight boy while David Hitch is a 21 year old gay guy. They are doing their first porn video today, jerking off with each other. When the producer says he wants them to do more than jack off Bryce is upset but needs the extra cash that is offered so…

David sucks the straight guys dick then turns his hairy ass over for a good hard fucking. David and Bryce both shoot their creamy loads onto his hairy chest.

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Gay Blond Fucks Curious Straight Boy

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Gabe Lawson is the blond gay boy that is ready to have sex with his supposedly unsuspecting straight porn partner Jason St. James. The guys talk and get naked with each other to jack off together on the sofa. They show each other and us their smooth bodies and hard cocks then Gabe goes down to suck on Jason’s dick. Jason doesn’t mind the gay blowjob at all. When it comes his turn to swallow the cock he puts up only a very little argument. He told them he is straight but watching him suck Gabe’s 7.5 inch dick; he’s done this before. Oh well… he is still cute and fun to watch; especially when Gabe slaps him on the ass and tells him to sit on his cock. Jason takes a ride on Gabe’s big sex pole then lays down on the sofa for a proper fucking. Jason’s cock stays hard as Gabe pounds his ass and he cums quickly when he starts jerking to shoot a nice load of cum all the way up his hairless chest. Straight my ass; but fun to watch for sure!

Isaac Hamilton Fucks Blake Thomas

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Blake Thomas is recently out of a relationship with his crazy ass girlfriend and wants to make some money doing porn. He isn’t embarrassed at all by his pale skin or farmers tan as he strips naked. Looking at his mostly smooth chest with a little tuft of hair around his nipples I thought he’d be pretty smooth but watch out for the overgrown bush when he drops his pants. Blake’s cock looks small in all that hair, that is until he starts playing with it and it grows to a very nice size with a slight curve even. Blake’s cock is standing at full attention and ready to fuck when he is told that there will not be any girls at his porn shoot. To compensate him, they offer Blake double the money if he will have sex with his tattooed gay boy partner, Isaac Hamilton. You know that once a guy is that horny and hard he’ll just about anything and boy does Blake put on a good show. Isaac sucks Blake’s hard cock and then shoves his dick up the straight guys ass. Blake doesn’t like being fucked but the cock up his ass sure leads to one his best ever cumshots.

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Jacob & Tony Suck and Fuck

You can tell from the start that Jacob Ryan is happy to be the bait for a very cute straight guy Tony Royce. Jacob’s been a fan of Bait Buddies for a while and is ready to take one for team so to speak. Jacob gets even more excited when he sees Tony naked and stroking his hard dick. Tony believes that he is casting for a straight porn and is getting harder by the second watching a porn on the monitor. When the girl does not arrive Tony must make a tough decision… get off with another guy or go home horny without pay. Horny straight guys always choose the gay blowjob and cash.

Parker Perry Blows Girth Brooks

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Parker Perry is helping to set up for a pool party when he notices the hunky bartender Girth Brooks. Parker and Caruso talk to the straight guy about doing a porn video then ask to see his cock. He takes out his dick and strokes it until it is full hard. Girth has a thick 9 inch cock that impresses the hell out of Parker. Parker gets down to suck the bartender’s big cock then puts a condom on him to ride it for a bit.  Parker jerks his jizz onto his hairy chest then kneels in front of Girth to accept his load as well. In the end, Girth admits that he just had the best blowjob of his life.

Straight Redhead Gets Gay Head

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When red haired straight guy finds out that they want him to do a sex video with another guy he says that isn’t his bag of chips and gets up to leave. There is no way that the guys at Bait Buddies are letting him go, especially after previewing his 9.5 inch cock! Once he agrees to stay for a lot more money, Noah moves in to suck the straight guys oversized cock. Beau returns the favor sucking on Noah’s dick for a brief time then gets the ride of his life. Noah lubes up and takes all 9 inches of Beau’s dick up his ass. Beau fucks his gay costar until both guys shoot cum across Noah’s smooth stomach.

Javier Ramirez Fucks Luke Milan

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Straight Latino porn star wanna be Javier Ramirez is already naked and jerking off with his big dicked costar Luke Milan when the producer tells the guys that none of the girls they were expecting showed up. Luke already knew no girls was coming; he is a gay guy in on the ruse. Javier is upset and ready to leave when they offer to double his pay if he will stay and play with Luke. Plenty of dick sucking and ass fucking comes soon after with both guys shooting their cum loads onto Luke’s chest. You can see it all in full screen video now at Bait Buddies.

Ryan Matthews Fucks Micah Andrews

Straight jock Ryan Matthews fucks gay boy in the ass for cash

Micah has been lusting over his cute straight neighbor Ryan for a while. Seeing him come home shirtless and sweaty after an afternoon run pushes him over the edge. Micah calls his friend who comes over and talks Ryan into getting a blow job from Micah for cash. Both guys have great bodies and Ryan has a very nice cock. Micah takes Ryan’s member into his mouth to get him hard then takes every inch of throbbing hard straight jock cock up his gay boy ass at Bait Buddies.