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Ryan Conners Smokes & Jerks

Tattooed twink blows out smoke while jacking off

As if this tattooed twink wasn’t hot enough sitting on the deck in his black briefs, enjoying a box of menthol cigarettes… He lights up another to take a hit and his hands move to his other pleasure center, a big 9 inch cock. Ryan takes out his big twink dick and strokes away as he chain smokes, lighting one after another at Boys Smoking.

Jase Bionx Smokes & Jacks

lean redhead smoking on the steps as he jacks off

Jase enjoys his two favorite things while relaxing on the stairs outside his apartment. He leans back on the steps and lights up a cigarette to enjoy the nicotine rush and calming effect. His rosy cheeks and dark red hair look great through the gray mist when he exhales. After finishing his first, he lights another then starts his other favorite pleasure. Jase undoes his pants and starts to rub his cock. Jase jacks off as he enjoys another smoke. You can watch Jase and other guys get off while smoking at Boys Smoking.