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Gag Free Jimmy

Jimmy proves he doesn't have a gag reflex by swallowing every inch of Cameron's huge cock

Jimmy says that he does not have a gag reflex then goes on to prove it has he swallows every rock hard inch of Cameron’s long thick cock. Jimmy slides his mouth over the head then keeps going until his face is buried in Cameron’s pubes. One onlooker says “what are you trying to do, lick his asshole from the front?”. Jimmy continues to show off his dick sucking skills as he kneels in front of Cameron and sucks him until Cameron shoots his cum onto Jimmy’s face at Broke College Boys.

Broke College Boys Kitchen Fuck

Eric is back at school and has been getting hit on by some guys as well as the girls. He has a girlfriend but gets horny while away for college and doesn’t mind how or who gets him off so… he has taken advantage of a few dudes offer to suck his cock. Today he is hanging out with Reigner and talking about how expensive this semesters books and tuition are. The owner of the house offers the guys $800 to fuck on his kitchen table right then and there. Both boys are horny and broke so they say yes and the fuck video starts at Broke College Boys.