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Rocco Penetrates Zach’s Virgin Butt

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Rocco is hooked up with Zach in this scene at Broke Straight Boys. You can see that Zach is impressed with Rocco’s big dick as the straight boys sit next to each other jerking off. When it comes time to move on Zach says that there is no way he can Rocco. He sucks Rocco’s dick but no matter how hard he tries can’t get the full length in. If Zach can’t suck the big dick there’s no way he can get fucked by it. That’s okay though, Rocco will loosen the straight boy’s hole with a long dildo and lots of lube before sliding his his own meat pole up Zach’s virgin ass.

Jase Fucks Ashton

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Ashton is very in touch with himself and knows what he likes… cock up his ass. Even though he’s straight, Ashton says it feels good. If they could make a dildo that was soft like a dick, he’d use it. Instead, he has sex with men and lets his girl friend fuck him with a strap on. Today it is Jase that will be providing Ashton with his anal pleasure. The guys chat a bit before stripping naked and sucking each other dick then Jase gives Ashton exactly what he wants. Both must like the feeling of each other because they each shoot a healthy load in the end.

Price Gets Double Stuffed With Straight Boy Cock

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Kyle and Price are back at Broke Straight Boys but this time David joins in the cock sucking and ass fucking fun. Price gets the once over by these two horny straight boys. They start by sucking each other until all three are good and hard then Price gets on his knees and takes turns sucking Kyle and David’s dick. Price continues to suck David’s cock as Kyle fucks his ass. Price gets fucked by David next and jerks out his own load in the end.

Straight Boy Jacks for Cash

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22 year old straight boy David Taylor needed money and his wife thought it would be hot watching her husband get blown by a guy so he answered an ad at Broke Straight Boys. His wife may be disappointed that David doesn’t have sex with another guy (yet). Instead, he strips naked and jacks off for us like many first time gay porn amateurs do. At one point the BSB owner reaches out to help stroke his hard cock. David obviously liked it because within 60 seconds of the helping hand job, he shoots his wad of cum through the air and all over his leg and belly.

Adrian’s First Jack Off Video

Adrian is a 21 year old straight guy that needs cash to pay some legal fees. He found out that he could make some decent cash fast jacking off on camera at Broke Straight Boys. Adrian shows off his tats and pierced nipples before lowering his boxers to get to work on his cock. Adrian uses both hands to stroke his hard shaft and covers his entire dick from head to balls with a thin layer of lube. After he shoots his load onto his hairless belly the producer asks if he would like to come back someday to do another shoot. Adrian says yes. I can’t wait to see this straight boy with a cock in his mouth when he does.

Mike Josh and Shane’s Gay Three Way

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Broke Straight Boys regular Mike joins two straight buddies Josh and Shane for a gay 3 way. The guys take turns jerking and sucking each other’s hard cock before getting into the anal penetration. Josh volunteers to take take Shane’s long pole up his hole for extra pay. Josh gets filled with hard cock from both ends as Shane fucks his virgin ass and Mike feeds his dick into the straight boys mouth. The action stays hot and heavy until all three deposit their loads onto Josh’s body covering him with sticky cum. You can watch the full video of these three amateur straight men together or see their previous appearances today at Broke Straight Boys where real straight dudes go gay for pay.