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Oh Jose!

Jose shows off his 6 pack abs and super thick uncut dick

In the quest for the thickest cock at Miami Boyz this Latino amateur is definitely contender. Jose has it going on for sure. What isn’t there to like about him? He’s got an amazingly hot body with washboard abs, a great upper body, a young Marky Mark-like face, and certainly his most obvious attribute… a thick as hell uncut dick. Go to Miami Boyz now to watch Jose jack his monster cock and spray his Latin boy load.

Naked Angel Is Anything Except

Inked central american amateur strokes his 7 inch uncut cock

With a freckled boyish face, a crucifix around his neck, and a name like Angel; you would think that this 18 year old Nicaraguan is pure. However, But take one look at his thin inked body, a baseball cap, and his hard 7 inch dick in hand and you will know that he is anything except. Maybe the homicidal clown tattoo would be a clue. Personally, I don’t care. Angel is cute; and straight or not, I would do him. His curved uncut dick looks the perfect size to slide rite down my throat. Short of sucking Angel off, watching him jack off at Miami Boyz is the next best thing.

18 Year Old Cuban Jacks 8 Inch Cock

18 year old Cuban amateur strokes his 8 inch uncut cock

straight Latino boys getting off

David is a straight 18 year old Cuban college student that needed some money for tuition and books and likes to see the expression on people’s face when they first see his hard eight inch cock. As he undresses his underwear ask “do you think I’m sexy”. Clearly the answer is YES. With a smooth muscled chest, flat stomach, and tight bubble butt from working out at the university athletic center coupled with his cute face and dark come do me eyes; he is surely popular with the girls and the boys. If you like tanned men with abundance of foreskin you are going to lust for David. He has so much dick skin that even with a full eight inch erection the head is still completely covered with some sticking out from the end. All that skin doesn’t get in the way as David jerks off and sprays his jizz at Miami Boyz. The juices fly and splashes across his chest and stomach in an exciting finale.

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