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Straight Men Play Gay Chicken


Leon and Dax play a game of gay chicken at the Straight Fraternity. The men kiss each other on the lips, suck dick, and jerk each other off so who wins? You do when you download the full video and watch full screen for the most enjoyment.


Bull Jacks Off

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Bull is a straight college jock with a shaved head and shaved cock. His tan ripped body looks like this guy spends some serious time outside and working out. He gets off to a slow start in the interview but gets a lot more excited when things turn to sex. Bull strips down to his underwear and rubs his dick till he has a nice chubby before letting it all hang out for everyone to see. There is something special about this scene that feel lovers are going to go gaga for too. The camera man spent a lot of time at the foot of the bed and included a view of Bull’s foot in the shot as he strokes his hard cock.

Brice Jacks & Eats His Own Cum

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Brice is comfortable in front of the camera for a first time amateur. Guess it’s from being around all those naked guys when he was on the high school swimming team or maybe the times he has jerked off with his friends. Either way, Brice is cute and friendly enough during his interview and really gets into it as he starts jerking off. He pumps hard and gets a little sweaty then turns flush and moans loudly as he sprays his load across his smooth tanned torso. Brice looks satisfied enough when he’s done and doesn’t miss a beat when the producer asks him to taste his own spunk.

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Caleb Gets Blown @ Straight Fraternity

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Straight body builder Caleb is at the fraternity house showing off his bulked up body to the new pledge master. Caleb strips down to his underwear and does some classic body building poses to display his ripped shoulders, back, and legs. When his lowers his briefs, his uncut dick is already semi hard. The pledge master reaches out for a feel and gives Caleb’s cock a few jerks to get it fully erect. Caleb continues showing off naked and hard for a bit then lays back for a gay blow job.

Roy Shoots Twice

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Straight boy Roy is a professional trainer. He has a lean but not overly muscular body with only a little hair on his chest but sports a full beard. He also sports an impressive cock! Roy is very nervous doing his first naked video performance let alone with another guy in the room. Once he relaxes a little and starts stroking, his dick gets long and hard with a slight curve. Roy jacks his 7 inch dick and shoots his jizz then talks to us a bit while remaining naked on the bed. He is convinced to let the frat house owner touch his dick. Like most 22 year olds with someone grabbing their cock, Roy is hard again in no time. This time it is the owner’s hand job that gets him off. Amazingly, his second cumshot is even bigger than the first.

Straight Frat Pledge Blows Diego’s Dick

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Derrick hasn’t been performing up to Diego’s standards and something needs to be done. Diego expresses his disappointment to Derrick then tells the Straight Frat pledge to suck his cock. Derrick has to make a decision right there how bad he wants in the house. He gets down in front of Diego and takes the man’s uncut dick into his mouth and starts sucking. The men both get undressed and move to the bed laying naked to each other. Derrick continues to jerk off Diego until he shoots his load. Another frat house brother enters to finish off Derick with a hand job of his own. Derrick shots an impressive load that splashes a trail from his chest down across his smooth abdomen. You can watch this video and plenty more like it now at Straight Fraternity.

Straight College Buddies Get Each Other Off

Two straight buddies jerk each off while watching a porno

Fraternity brothers Connor and Diego are watching a porno together in a extra room in the frat house when things start to stir below. Diego isn’t shy about his need to get off and takes his hard cock to jerk off. Connor is very nervous but decides he wants to get off too. Connor takes his semi hard uncut dick out and starts jacking off with his friend sitting next to him. Diego says that it would feel better if someone else was doing the stroking and reaches over to take Connor’s cock in his hand. Connor is surprised at his straight friends gesture but it does feel good having another guy stroke his dick so he leans over a bit to grab hold of Diego’s rock hard cock. They continue watching their porn and both straight guys get off with a little help from their friend at Straight Fraternity.